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15th-22nd March 2010: International Conference

ďRimsky-Korsakov and his Heritage in Historical PerspectiveĒ

Venue: Rimsky-Korsakov Apartment Museum (branch of the St. Petersburg State Museum of Theatre and Music)

Rimsky-Korsakov, as a teacher of the St. Petersburg Conservatoire for over thirty years, united not only different generations of students, but also different styles and periods of musical culture Ė from Lyadov to Respighi, from Arensky to Prokofiev and Stravinsky.

Leading musicologists and experts in Russian music from various countries (Russia, USA, United Kingdom, Germany, Netherlands, Greece, Portugal, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Belarus) will take part for the first time in many years in St. Petersburgís Musicological and Museological Conference. They will gather to share knowledge, views and their latest research.

In the cosy atmosphere of the Russian composer's apartment, the Roundtable will bring together Rimsky-Korsakovís descendants (great grandchildren and great-great grandchildren), Igor Stravinskyís grand-niece and her husband, and heads of composerís museums. By bringing all these peopleís memories together, we can shed light on the life and fate of Rimsky-Korsakovís family, and revive the half-forgotten or erased names of talented musicians from the composerís generation.

Among the conferenceís special guests will be Richard Taruskin, Professor of the University of California (Berkeley), author of the world famous six-volume Oxford History of Music, a major work on Stravinsky and the book Defining Russia Musically.

At the conference there will be concerts in the Sheremetev Palace, the Maltese Chapel (with Russiaís Mikhail Mishchenko playing the organ), and in the Rimsky-Korsakov Apartment Museum (with Jonathan Powell from the United Kingdom on piano).

On March 19th an exhibition will be unveiled, which will display not only manuscripts and photographs from collections in St. Petersburg, Moscow and the Ionian University, Corfu (Greece), but also the unique electric musical instrument, the emiriton, designed in 1930 by a team of inventors led by Rimsky-Korsakov Ďs grandson, the acoustician Andrei Rimsky-Korsakov, which is currently stored in the Musical Museum in the Sheremetev Palace (a branch of the Museum of Theatre and Music).

The conferenceís programme committee consists of:

Lidia Ader (author and project director, senior Researcher at the Rimsky-Korsakov Apartment Museum),

Nina Kostenko (Head of the Rimsky-Korsakov Apartment Museum).

How to find us:

Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov Apartment MuseumĖ 28 Zagorodnii Prospect (in the yard);

Maltese Chapel of Vorontsov Palace, 26 Sadovaia Street (entrance through the Suvorov Military School checkpoint);

Sheremetev Palace, Musical MuseumĖ 34 Fontanka river

For questions, proposals and news please contact:

Lidia Ader

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