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In Diaghilev’s circle: An Impresario in dialogue with composers
International musicological conference

Second International Festival “Diaghilev. P. S.” St Petersburg, 23-29 October 2011

The two-day international conference “In Diaghilev’s circle: An Impresario in dialogue with composers” will take place in St Petersburg at the N. Rimsky-Korsakov Memorial Museum-Apartment 24-25 October 2011.

October, 24

10.00 – Opening

10.30-11.30 – Dukelsky’s oeuvre
Igor Vishnevetsky (Moscow, Russia) “Towards creative history of Orphic trilogy by V. Dukelsky”
Antonina Maximova (Petrozavodsk, Russia) “Galleries of meanings in the cantata Epitaph by Vladimir Dukelsky”

11.30-11.45 – Coffee-break 11.45-12.45
Scott Dunn, Deniz Cordell (Los Angeles, USA) “About Dukelsky’s oeuvre”
Interview with composer’s widow Kay Duke Ingalls (Santa Fe, USA)

12.45-14.00 - Lunch

14.00-14.30 - Exhibition opening

14.30-16.00 - Diaghilev and French artistic world
Anna Petrova (St Petersburg, Russia) “Diaghilev and Debussy: through conflicts to masterpieces”
Laura Stanfield Prichard (Massachusetts, USA) «Diaghilev's New World: Manipulating the French Taste for the Exotic into Modern Art»
Marina Arias-Vikhil (St Petersburg, Russia) “The Paris Discovery of Sergei Diaghilev: ‘Father of the Avant-garde’ Eric Satie and the ballet-collage The Parade”

16.00-16.15 – Coffee-break

16.15-17.15 – Diaghilev’s personality
Svetlana Makurenkova (Moscow, Russia) «Role and place of music in Diaghilev’s philosophy of art: relations between composer and impresario»
Olga Manulkina (St Petersburg, Russia) “Diaghilev’s Earbox”

17.15-18.30 – Keynote lecture
Marina Frolova-Walker (Cambridge, Great Britain) “Intertextuality of Diaghilev’s ballets”

20.00 – Concert at Sheremetev palace

October, 25

10.00-11.30 – Diaghilev and Mussorgsky
Nadezda Mosusova (Belgrade, Serbia) “Sergei Diaghilev’s attitude towards the output of Mussorgsky and Rimsky-Korsakov”
Jean-Marie Jacono (Aix-en-Provence, France) «“Boris Godunov” in Paris (1908): the role of S. Diaghilev in the production»
Yaroslav Timofeev (Moscow, Russia) “Between restoration and vandalism: Khovanschina in Diaghilev’s version”

11.30-11.45 Coffee-break

11.45-12.15 – Diaghilev and Prokofiev
Oleg Brezgin (Perm, Russia) “Diaghilev’s lessons to Sergei Prokofiev”

12.15-13.30 – Keynote lecture
Stephen Press (Illinois, USA) «Serge Diaghilev: musical provocateur extraordinaire»

13.30-14.45 – Lunch

14.45-15.15 – Intercultural connections
Paulo de Castro (Lisbon, Portugal) «The view from Lisbon: Diaghilev as role model»

15.15-15.30 – Coffee-break

15.30-16.30 – Diaghilev and Stravinsky
Margarita Mazo (Ohio, USA) “Stravinsky’s Les Noces, Raptures and Continuities with Diaghilev, and the Parisian Artistic Landscape”
Michael Meylac (Strasbourg, France) “Diaghilev’s ghost between Stravinsky and Nicolas Nabokov”

16.30-16.45 – Coffee-break

16.45-18.00 – Keynote lecture
Richard Taruskin (Berkeley, USA) «Diaghilev without Stravinsky? Stravinsky without Diaghilev?»

18.00-18.30 Round table --------------------

Panel session
Anna Fortunova (Hannover, Germany) “Diaghilev's Ballets Russes and National Identity for Russian Immigrants in 1920s Berlin”

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